Business Startup Workbook for Christian Entrepreneurs

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Are you struggling to start your business?

Do you feel struck trying to start a buiness?

Do you wish you had a guide or roadmap to help you think through the steps of starting a business?

Have you thought about giving up your dream because you can't seem to make any headway with your plans?

If you amswered yes to these questions, then the Business Startup Workbook for Christian Entrepreneurs is perfect for you.

This workbook will walk you through some of the most important steps you need to take to launch a business.

Through a series of questions, you will gain clarity and confidence to proceed with yyour plan.

If you are confused about what kind of business to start or if you are on te right track, this workbook will guide you and help you make the best decision for your business.

If you are ready to finalyy launch your business, this workbook will help you to do just that.

With this planner, you can outline some of your plans for your business including what products or services to offer, their prices, and how your business will make money.

This workbook will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on getting the skills and knowledge you need to start and build a profitable business.

With the Business Startup Workbook for Christian Entreprneurs, you can choose and map out your marketing strategies. We all know that without effective marketing, your business can't or won't grow. You can lay a solid foundation for your marketing before you launch your business.

The Business Startup Workbook for Christian Entrepreneurs will bring you one step closer to becoming a business owner.

Starting a business can be stressful, but this workbook will take away some of the stress and allow you to focus on what is truly important.

Business and Personal Growth Plan Pages Include topics in these areas:

  • Why you want to start a business
  • The kind of business you want to start
  • Your sources of funding
  • Goal setting
  • Your business purpose, mission statement and vision statement
  • Your foundational scriptuires and business values
  • Your business idea and target audience
  • Your products or services
  • How your business will make money
  • Making your business legal and regsitering your business
  • Your personal attributes
  • Business expenses
  • Marketing your business
  • and much more

You can have this 27-page printable workbook for an introductory price of $17.

This is an instantly downloadable digital product. Nothing will be shipped!

So go ahead and buy it now! Launch your business with confidence.

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  • A digital download of the Business & Personal Growth Plan

  • Size
    145 KB
  • Length
    27 pages
  • A digital download of the Business & Personal Growth Plan
  • Size145 KB
  • Length27 pages
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Business Startup Workbook for Christian Entrepreneurs

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